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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have selected the most frequently asked questions about our eshop.
How to navigate through the products
While on our eshop, there are a number of ways you can navigate to get your desired products, and these include;
  1. In the search bar on top, type the key words or name of the product you want and click on the search icon.
  2. On the home page, scroll through to see if your choice product is listed.
    Note: Not all products are listed here.
  3. Click on 'Products' on the menu bar to list all the products. These products are listed in alphabetical order and arranged in tabs. You can scroll through the tabs by clicking on tab number.
  4. You can also get your product by category. Click on 'Category' on the menu bar to show required category, and click on the required category to display all its products.
  5. On the home page you can also click on 'SHOP NOW' displayed on the banners to list products and also on the 'DISCOVER NOW' to list products under that given category.
  6. Note: Click on the 'eye' icon on the product to see its details and be able to share and rate product.
How to make an order
while on our eshop you can make an order through the following steps;
  1. Navigate through the products to get your choice.
  2. On the chosen product click on 'ADD TO CART'.
  3. Click on the cart icon in the top-right corner to open the cart.
  4. Enter your discount coupon if you have one.
  5. Default payment method is cash, click on 'CHANGE TO MOMO' if you prefer payment with mobile money.
  6. Click on 'CHECKOUT' to proceed or 'CONTINUE SHOPPING' to order more products.
  7. If your choice of payment is 'cash' you will be directed to the checkout page directly but if it is 'momo', you will be directed to the payout page first.
  8. In case of momo payment method, click on 'PROCESS PAYMENT' enter the mobile money line you want to use (Make sure you have that amount on your account).
    - Follow prompts to complete payment.
    - You will be redirected to the checkout page if payment is successful.
  9. On the checkout page, click on 'PLACE ORDER'.
    Congratulations ... You have completed you order.
How to register my account
You can register your account on our eshop by the following steps;
  1. On the top-most bar of our shop, click on 'Register'
  2. Enter required information i.e. names, email, phone, address and password.
  3. Click on 'REGISTER'.
    Congratulations ... You are now registered as a user on our eshop.
How to share a product on social media
You can share products on social media for friends and acomplices as a recommendation to buy. Follow the following step to share a product;
  1. Navigate the shop to get the product you want to share and click on the 'eye' icon to get it's details.
  2. Click on the media you want to share the product to, and follow prompts.
If your question is not answered, please feel free to post it here.