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Return Policy

as @ 22 Apr 2023
Your business is important to us and has always been. So we've developed a return Policy that will govern the circumstances under which bought products can be returned.
When to return products
The products bought from us can be returned under the following reosons;
  1. Wrong products delivered: When the items delivered are not the ones actually ordered.
  2. Defective products: When the items delivered are expired or defective in anyway physically observed.
  3. Damaged products: When the items delivered are damaged and its proved to be our own making.
  4. Counterfeit products: When the items delivered are counterfeits.
Note: The reoson for returning products should be clearly stated in the message here.
Action to be taken when products are returned
The returned items are exchanged with the actual items on the order. In case they are not in stock, they are to be solicited so as to acheive the customers demand. Initiate Return